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You're planning a trip abroad: a business trip, a trip to visit family, a trip to celebrate a happy occasion. You know that there are many ways to reach each destination and that there could be many pitfalls along the way.
Are you planning a trip and unsure about what to do?

The Kikar Hayahalom expert flight staff is here to
help you through the entire process.

  • What is the fastest way to reach your destination?
  • Can you find deals for traveling abroad?
  • What airline should you use?
  • Which flight best suits your needs? What time should you take off?
  • What are the pros and cons of a direct flight versus connecting flights?
  • How can you manage within a fixed budget, tight schedule or other limiting factors?

          The trip advisors will prepare a personalized flight tailored to your specific needs.

Kikar Yahalom Business
Trip management for
business professionals


  Kikar Yahalom Kashrut
Trip management for
Kashrut observers


 The staff members are experts at finding deals for nearly every destination in the world.
Kikar Hayahalom customers enjoy exceptional service:
A company representative accompanies you along the entire process, from suggesting travel routes to your return home.
 Main branch: Jabotinsky 1,  Ramat Gan: 03-5750033
Jerusalem branch: Petah tikva 16, 02-5374040